Brick Cleaning Services

Our Brick Cleaning Services gets your bricks cleaned and gives your building a new smart look. It will improve you image to your customers and employees. Our professionally trained team will ensure the best possible clean whilst preserving the integrity of the brick.

There are a large range of different types of bricks. Every type of brick requires a different technique when it comes to cleaning. Common bricks are softer and they absorb water. Whereas clay bricks do not absorb water and are extremely strong. These are the different properties you need to consider and understand when cleaning bricks.

What needs to be taken off bricks during Brick Cleaning Services?

Its very import to know what exactly you are taking off the bricks. Whether its graffiti, paint, cement, pollution or organic matter. All of these are commonly found on bricks. It’s important to have the correct cleaning method. If you do not use the correct method, you can easily cause damage to the brick face.

What you need is a soft approach to cleaning the bricks. Instead of a power wash, we use our Steam Cleaning Service. Our steam cleaners use heated water instead of the high pressure cold water from the pressure washers. This is what prevents damage when we do our Brick Cleaning Services.

After we have finished cleaning your bricks your building will look brand new, modern and smart.

If you would like more information about our Brick Cleaning Services, or if you would like a free site survey, please Contact Us today on 01525 500100.

Brick cleaning services before Brick cleaning services after