Commercial Cladding and Fascia Cleaning in Milton Keynes

DMC facilities management offer professional commercial cladding and fascia cleaning within Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. We offer cladding and fascia cleaning services to businesses, offices, shops, show rooms and industrial units, leaving no job too small or too big. To provide the best commercial cladding and facia cleaning, we use the latest heated water systems that help to remove dirt, algae and traffic film, leaving your fascias looking brand new again. Our fully trained team will work with you to find the best techniques required to meet your requirements.

As PVC fascia does not need to be cleaned or maintained regularly, it is important to keep in mind that the dirt will accumulate. With our Cladding and facia cleaning services in Milton Keynes we insure it is cleaned properly and used a wide variety of cleaning products to restore cladding, this also includes anodised aluminium and plastic coated panels.

At DMC we use state of the art equipment, we use specialised poles and brushes. This specialised equipment is designed so it causes no damage to the surfaces, including solar panels.

Why choose DMC for your cladding and facia cleaning?

Firstly our team are professional and fully trained who are dedicated to insure that the task is done to a high standard. As we use telescopic poles we have no need to use ladders, creating a safe environment whilst still following with up to date legislation. DMC facilities management are environmentally friendly, as we do not require any detergents or chemicals, leaving no residue once we have completed the task. We take pride in our customer satisfaction and the work we do and the services we provide.

If you need commercial cladding and facia cleaning in Milton Keynes or surrounding areas please contact us today on 01525 500 100.