Commercial Window Cleaning Services in Milton Keynes

DMC offer a heated reach and wash system that is twice as fast as the normal conventional methods that window cleaners use, as a result saving some money. Our reach and wash system provides a high level commercial window cleaning service in Milton Keynes which is safe and gives the best clean.

We keep up to date with current health and safety legislation, particularly the 'work at height directive'. At DMC we do not need to use any ladders to clean high level windows, as we use telescopic poles that can reach heights of 65ft safely. The benefits of not using ladders, it allows you and staff to have privacy when working as no one can look through the window. Another benefit the windows can be cleaned in almost all weather conditions.

To provide the best commercial window cleaning we use a five- stage water purification process this includes the removal of carbons, calcium, chlorine and lime scale. By using this water purification process it has become environmentally friendly, as there are no detergents or chemicals required. When it comes to cleaning your windows we insure that the windows, frames and sills are cleaned thoroughly and left to dry naturally to ensure that it is left clean and with no streaks and smears.

At DMC we work all year round and provide services within Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. Our team are dedicated professionals that are always happy to help with any assistance.

If you are thinking of saving some money on your commercial window cleaning, do not hesitate to contact us today, where we can discuss the right service for you. Contact us today to get more information on the reach and wash system within Milton Keynes on 01525 500 100