Commercial Gutter Cleaning and Repair in Milton Keynes

DMC offers commercial gutter cleaning and repairs in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. We use the latest methods of cleaning called a ‘Gutter Vac System’ which is both safe and reliable.

The Gutter Vac System is made up of cameras and vacuums, which are attached to a telescopic pole. This allows us to examine the area quickly and able to provide the right amount of cleaning, saving both time and money. By using this technology we are able to reach from ground level to 45ft in a controlled manner, leaving your gutter nice and clean. Although this is one method we use, we can reach higher than 45ft if required, by using utilised hydraulic platforms or other access methods. At DMC we follow the Work at Heights regulations 2005, insuring we work safely.

Within our gutter cleaning and repair services, we look at blockages within your gutter system to prevent further damage. When gutters get blocked they become heavy from the water and dirt, this can cause the guttering to pull away from your fascia’s and if not found earlier, it can even break off from the building. No need to worry DMC are fully qualified and experienced, who can give you advice and guidance allowing you peace of mind when we are on the job.

We can provide a full camera survey of the building guttering system and able to give you a quote. When we give quotes we based it on the cleaning required and areas that need to be repaired insuring you that you are not charged for unnecessary work, saving you money.

You can have peace of mind with our experts on the job when it comes to your commercial gutter cleaning and repairs within Milton Keynes. Call us today to speak to our team for further information on 01525 500 100.