K Rend Render Cleaning Services

DMC K Rend Render Cleaning Services makes your K Rend render look brand new, no matter how stained or dirty it has become over time. Keeping your property clean will attract more customers through your doors.

There are many types of coloured renders that are used on commercial and domestic properties. We understand how to clean K-Render safely and properly. DMC offer the very best way to clean K Rend render. Firstly we brush or spray on the suitable Biocide, which we formulate to clean the K Rend brand of Render you have. This will kill off organic matter such as moss and algae. It is normally necessary to clean the whole K Rend Render with a steam cleaner at a very low pressure just over 100 degrees C. This makes sure that the pollution has been removed. This will give you the brand new look that you are wanting to achieve.

DMC K Rend Render Cleaning Services offer a FREE K Rend render sample clean for large buildings such as apartment blocks and offices. We do this so we can fully understand what is required, we will then submit our full quotation to you. It also gives you a chance to see the results for yourself. To get your Free sample simply call us on 01525 500100 we would be happy to arrange a visit.

DMC will provide platforms and scaffold for large Buildings which we have the expertise to reach. We provide all types of specialised equipment including specially designed poles that will apply the biocide and steam. DMC have a qualified rope team at your disposal to reach even the most difficult of places. We will advise you on the best access method for your K Rend Render cleaning.

DMC's K Rend Render Cleaning Service will save you money in more than one way.

Our K Rend Render Cleaning Services only get rid of the grime and natural materials, such as moss and algae, by using the biocide and steam cleaning process. Our qualified team will remove the dirt and grime but not the paint!

We also make sure our cleaning process is damage free. some firms use pressure washing to clean k render. To make sure no damage is done while cleaning the K Rend Render, DMC steam cleans, which uses a low water content and gently cleans the dirt off.

Not only do we clean but we also protect your K Rend Render. At the end of our service we put an after clean biocide on. This is environmentally friendly and helps slow down growth of matter.

You need to have the essential skills to do render cleaning otherwise it could lead to lasting damages. If the surface isn’t prepared properly before cleaning begins it won’t effectively kill off the organic material and won’t help put a stop to regrowth. Once we have prepared the surface correctly we can then move on to our soft steam clean to remove the algae and moss. Once the cleaning process is correctly done you will be left with a clean restored render with no damages or repairs needed to be done.

If you require K Rend Render Cleaning Services Contact Us today on 01525 500100.