Roof Cleaning Services

DMC Roof Cleaning Services will provide the correct method of cleaning to your roof. DMC staff are highly trained in removing moss, algae, lichens, fungi, dirt and other unwanted matter from your roof.

DMC use proper methods of cleaning so as to protect the integrity of the roof. Roofs can easily be damaged which is why we will apply the correct chemicals to the roof after some initial hand scrapping if possible. Our approach does not use water, and thus does not create a mess.

We use chemicals rather than a pressure washer to ensure there is no damage made to the roof and also to ensure organic materials are killed off. The application of the correct chemicals prevents moss from growing back for many years. An additional bonus is that the chemical will kill off lichen, so the black marks will fade away a few weeks after treatment.

DMC have specialist high reach equipment, and our staff are highly trained in reaching difficult to get to areas. Our professional team will use cradles, scaffolding, access platforms and MEWPs. No matter the height we will reach it!

DMC work on residential to commercial roofs. We provide cladding cleaning, facia cleaning, gutter cleaning and repairs.

For a free no obligation quotation for our roof cleaning service, please Contact Us on 01525 500100