Commercial Window Cleaning in and around the Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard and surrounding areas

We offer a comprehensive High level Window Cleaning service for our clients in and around the Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard and surrounding areas with our innovative heated ‘Reach & Wash’ system it’s at least twice as fast as conventional window cleaning methods, so saving you money.

The system is safe & clean and no ladders are required to clean your windows. A major benefit is that we comply with the recent changes in Health & Safety legislation, particularly the Work at Height Directive.

The Reach & Wash System cleans more efficiently than conventional window cleaning methods. It is the most effective pure water window cleaning system available at present and is very environmentally friendly. With no detergent residue left behind, the windows stay cleaner for longer.

How does the ‘Reach & Wash System’ work?

Reach & Wash System

The Pure Water System (Heated Reach and Wash System) incorporates a five-stage water purification process. This removes all impurities from the water including particles, limescale, calcium, chlorine and carbons. This pure water is then stored in a large tank fitted into our vans. When required, the water is then pumped directly from our tank, through hoses into an instant water heater, then through long hose reels to a jetted brush head on telescopic poles and can reach safely up to a height of 65ft. The windows, frames and sills are brushed to remove all dirt from the area and then the final stage of the process is where we rinse with pure water and leave to dry naturally, avoiding unsightly streaks and smears.

Benefits of using DMC

  • Safety – no ladders to fall from
  • Privacy – no faces looking through your office windows
  • Environmentally friendly – no detergents or chemicals required therefore no residue is left and your windows stay clean longer
  • Cost effective – frames and sills are cleaned as well as the glass on every visit at no extra cost
  • Accessibility – previously inaccessible windows can now be cleaned safely i.e. above conservatories and canopys
  • Weather proof – windows can be cleaned in almost all weather conditions, all year round
  • Efficiency – we use heated water which as we are all aware cleans a lot quicker and more efficiently than cold water (you don’t clean your dishes with cold water!)
  • Legislation – complying with the working at height regs 2005